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Experiment 13 (10/03/03)- High Power High Voltage Power supply

© Engineer Xavier Borg - Blaze Labs Research

The main power unit

This new power supply has been designed with flexibility in mind, in order to be useful for various high voltage thruster experiments. The specifications for this power supply are as follows:

Output voltage : 50 kV max.
Output power : 1000 Watts max.
Running modes : 10 channel / or any combination in parallel
Weight : 3.1 kg

Main power board

The remote control receiver

Each channel can be controlled at a distance of up to 30 metres with an infra red remote control unit. Any combination of channels can be connected in parallel to increase output power. If all channels are connected together a 1 Kilowatt hv output is obtained.

IR receiver

On board digital voltage monitor

I have added an onboard voltage monitor to eliminate the need of the high voltage probe during the experiments. Unlike the high voltage probe, the reading on the onboard display does not suffer from parasitic capacitance and load impedance.

onboard monitor

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