Experiment 22 (1/04/11)- 1600 Degrees C Furnace

Engineer Xavier Borg - Blaze Labs Research 1/04/11

The aim of this experiment is to build a furnace able to sustain temperatures of about 1600 degrees celcius.

Our research with the basic properties of matter lead us to further examine the properties of special alloys and nuclear orientation experiments. In order to be able to produce samples of these alloys, a furnace which could easily melt metals with a melting point up to 1600 degrees celcius has been built.

Below are photos showing the construction stages and basic tools and accessories used to produce a sample. The furnace has an internal lining of ceramic material to achieve the required insulation and efficiency. The furnace is powered by propane gas together with forced air to produce the highest flame temperature. This setup is able to melt 600g of iron in about 12 minutes from a cold start.

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