The EMRP Gravity Theory

Engineer Xavier Borg - Blaze Labs Research


There is only one last issue to be explained in this theory, the drag effect which worried R.Feynman. He agrued, that if we consider the high energy electromagnetic wave packets reaching the earth from all directions while it's orbiting around the sun, then, the earth (and all other planets) will impinge on more photons which are coming from radiation on its forward side than from its backward side while moving around the sun. This would resist the earth's orbiting motion around the sun, resulting in the slowing down in its orbit. Most of the push gravity theories got stuck at this problem, since inelastic collisions are a requirement for any force to be generated between two masses. However this is where the EMRP theory teams up with the standing wave model of matter and comes out as a winner unlike other push gravity theories. In other theories, since matter requires NOT to bounce off the ultramundane particles, and no energy to matter conversion is assumed, matter must be acting as a black body to the incoming ultra cosmic radiation responsible for gravity. In these theories, bodies under the influence of gravity would eventually boil to evaporation in no time and the doppler effect would create enough radiation pressure difference to create intense braking.

However, in this theory, we emphasised that the ultra high frequency must have a characteristic wavelength equal to the fundamental building block size of matter (in Planck wavelength region) and that momentum transfer is only achieved at a high efficiency, at literarly no energy dissipation. The bandwidth of such frequencies for which this occurs is measured as Df where f~Planck frequency, or Bandwidth=D(7.4E42Hz) which would be in the order of 1E41Hz even for the most selective bandwidths (ie. ±0.1f). This frequency band is in effect much greater than the doppler frequency shift caused by motion of the earth in its orbital travel around the sun. In terms of photon mechanics, the difference in number between photons impinging on the front and photons impinging at the back, will be a negligible quantity when compared to the actaul huge number of photons reaching the target from any other direction, and they would still average to a net zero force. It is easy to see that the doppler effect, or impinging of photons whichever term you like to use, would have only a negligible braking effect on any relative motion, unless the doppler shift becomes so high as to generate a frequency shift comparable to D(fplanck), which would only be expected at relativistic speeds.

binary pulsar
Binary stars drag effect supports EMRP

Supporting this theory, we have in fact evidence of this non-zero, still negligible dragging effect, which will only result in a small but still measureable slow down of a rotating system. It is in fact known that the rate of period change of the binary pulsar system is about 75 millionths of a second per year. This theory also predicts that the direction of light propagation should be changed in an area of non uniform EMRP or gravitational field, contrary to the Newtonian predictions, but in agreement to Einstein's theory. Precise observations have already indicated that Einstein's mathematics was right, both about the effect and its magnitude, (though he did not provide any physical model) and such observations support this theory as well, which has finally given a complete satisfactory physical model for the mechanism of gravity.

This theory also predicts that the direction of light propagation should be changed in an area of non uniform EMRP or gravitational field, contrary to the Newtonian predictions, but in agreement to Einstein's GR theory. Precise observations have already indicated that Einstein's mathematics was right, both about the effect and its magnitude, (though he did not provide any physical model) and such observations support this theory as well, which has finally given a complete satisfactory physical model for the mechanism of gravity without the need to resort to new messenger particles.

As shown in this animation, the doppler effect on the incoming ultra cosmic radiation gives a physical interpretation to the already advanced spherical wave structure model introduced in the particle section. The energy difference within the doppler shift (DE=h.Df) is equivalent to the frequency of the slow moving matter standing wave, which is equal to the internal kinetic energy of matter (E=mc2). Since the energy input is always greater than the energy output, this model also gives a plausible reason for the always positive direction of time, and a physical interpratation of entropy. The outgoing waves are a reflection of the incoming waves, but are always at a lower energy level (and frequency). This change in frequency is experimentally evident not only in optic scattering studies, but in radioactive sources and in large planets, in which ultacosmic radiation, after undergoing multiple doppler shifts, looses a considerable amount of its energy to be detected in lower frequency bands such as gamma, x-ray and infrared. This theory thus predicts, that if a radioactive substance is shielded from its external ultracosmic radiation, or goes through a low irradiance region in space, its radioactivity would stop! Same applies to our sun... if on its journey throughout the universe, it happens to pass from a region of low ultracosmic irradiance, its activity will drastically slow down, and would perfectly explain the mysterious periodic ice ages, which we have evidence of. If one could compare the temporal and spatial variations of radioactivity measurements with earth's core temperature or the sun's activity, one should be able to find a high correlation, which can only make sense when taking into account the highly energetic cosmic radiation background. When one considers the sun as a shadowing body, it is easy to understand that any extra energy dissipated in the sun will equate to missing energy reaching our planet. In all cases, further shadowing of this cosmic radiation may not only reduce the radiation from the body, but can also effectively reduce its mass and inertia, explaining the recorded variations in the value of the gravitational 'constant' G. Thus, one cannot say that radioactive sources have a fixed exponential decay, nor rely on carbon dating techniques, and certainly not assume that reactors based on such energy cannot show 'anomalous' spikes in their energy output, putting the whole nuclear plant beyond it's normal operating conditions, and thus at an uncalculated risk. In fact, if it were possible to totally shield a particle from its incoming radiation it would cease to exist, in the same way a wave crest would vanish if the water is removed. In the standard model, a particle would continue to exist, independently from its incoming radiation, but we know the standard model is far from being a model of reality.

In this section I have thus shown that gravity is not some mysterious force which have to be merged with the rest of the known fields of science with some yet unknown kind of particles or complex theory. Scientists usually refer to such a theory as the GUT (Grand unified theory). Understanding the contents of this section, makes such a theory unnecessary, or one can replace the present requirement for the GUT by the EMRP gravity theory. This model shifts the enigma of the force of gravity from an unknown source to an effect of electromagnetic fields. In this section it was shown that the source of gravity is the result of imbalance of the background EM radiations, (or photon showers in quantum terms), the main source of which are the highest frequency cosmic electromagnetic rays (blue shifted EM waves) present in our universe. These high frequency photons efficiently impart momentum to the basic constituent particles of matter (whatever they may be) by electromagnetic momentum transfer in the Mie scattering range. We also know that radiation pressure is directly proportional to the magnitude of the Poynting vector in the propagating direction of an electromagnetic wave coupled to the objects radiation pressure coefficient which peaks to a value of two when its diameter is very close to the EM wavelength. The 'force of gravity' at any point in space can be calculated from the vector addition of Poynting vectors of high frequency radiation propagating through that point. The reason that we cannot easiely shield anything from gravity, is simply because we cannot shield anything from extremely high frequency electromagnetic radiation. The reason that masses always attract and never repel is simply because the Poynting vector is a cosine squared function and so is always positive. A simple radiation pressure imbalance is created when one object shadows the background radiation over another object. The shadowed side will be in a lower pressure area than the non shadowed side, and the object will thus move towards the shadowed region, that is, towards the other mass. The shadowed area subtended by the shadowing mass varies as the inverse square of the distance between the two bodies, and is in perfect agreement with Newton's equations for the force of gravity between two bodies. The electromagnetic radiation pressure difference finally gives a physical meaning to Einstein's space time curvature, and the electromagnetic radiation shows why gravity cannot exchange information faster than the speed of radiation itself, that is the speed of light.

Unfortunately, the movement of masses being pushed towards each other was misinterpreted for long enough years, as an attractive force originating from the masses themselves. In a similar fashion, the darkness generated at the core of matter, due to itself shadowing its core atoms from external radiation, generates a low EM pressure (shadowed area) within it being misinterpreted as the centre of gravity of the object. This internal shadowing also explains the non linearity of mass increase with increasing atomic number. Francis Aston (1877-1945) investigated the phenomenon of atoms weighing less than the sum of their particles. He calculated the total weight of the hydrogen atoms and neutrons that would be produced by the atom breaking apart minus the weight of the original atom. The mass of the constituent parts of an atom to the mass of the whole atom showed a slight difference. Aston termed this difference the packing fraction. Albert Einstein termed the difference between the sum of the mass of the atomic particles and the mass of the atom as a whole as the mass defect, and its equivalent energy, the binding energy of the nucleus. Note however, that although the mass defect is an experimentally confirmed fact, Einstein's claim that this defect magically converts itself into binding energy is just a plain wrong theory. Not a single experiment has ever positively shown that mass can be converted into energy. Indeed, the equation E=mc2 has been misinterpreted for too many years. Once a background radiation pressure is introduced, nucleons are simply packed and held together by the external EM force, and need no extra binding forces. The more neutrons and protons are closely packed inside the nucleus core, the more shadowed and invisible the central parts become. So, EMRP perfectly explains the so called mass defect in nuclear physics. It is then obvious that the mass defect depends on all parameters which may have an effect over the shadowing of the nuclear constituents, which include the nuclear size and shape, and number of protons and neutrons. Any change or transition in these parameters would result in a change of the mass defect and hence also in that of the measured atomic mass.

Also the gravitational constant G has to be variable and depend on the luminance of the background radiation at the point in space being calculated. The sun and mostly, high temperature stars play a very important role on the actual value of G, and this constant can be said to depend on the neighbouring stars energy and relative positions as already discussed here . Einstein's theory would thus become only a special case of EMRP gravity theory, a case in which G is assumed constant in the short range. The fact that gravity and electromagnetism are unified by this theory is a very strong indicator of the correctness of this model, and make this model itself an important piece of a grand unification theory.

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