Food for thought

Engineer Xavier Borg - Blaze Labs

This section is a compilation of personal ideas which to my knowledge have not been tackled by conventional physics teaching, and in some cases contradict conventional physics. Sadly enough, once a certain way of viewing things has won over the opposing theories, a paradigm is cemented and enshrined as something untouchable, even if experiments seem to invalidate its very foundations. It is unfortunate that most books and colleges suggest that the existing explanations of science are final and that after reading the whole book or finishing his course of study, the student should go away satisfied with his wisdom. In reality, both foundations and frontiers of science are still very unclear even to the best scientists around. It is often easy to find out 'what' happens, but much more difficult to understand 'why' it happens. In fact if one would go into such a detail, he won't find any answers.

The rules of electricity, conservation of momentum and conservation of energy have been with us for over two centuries. During this time, most scientists have forgotten or have not even realised that we have no idea of where these rules come from and no concept of what causes them, but simply accepted as the truth. Few are the scientists that are currently searching for such answers, and this is amazing. Answering these challenging questions is potentially the most incredible step science will ever make.

It is not something new, that, as decades pass, science had to be revised from time to time, correcting concepts and introducing new theories. This upgrading process is however not usually done by just changing a constant, or a parameter within a few equations, but whole concepts have to be re worked, books re written, and old theories abandoned. The more time passes between each of these general science upgrades, the more difficult it becomes for the whole scientific community, including the students themselves to accept the idea of accepting a better unified science. If one studies the present day science situation, he can easily notice how fractured, patched and inconsistent, our current scientific knowledge has grown into. This is a sign that time has came for one of those general upgrade process.

Experimental anomalies are often the things that expose the shortcomings of contemporary thinking so one might imagine that they would be greeted with delight. Yet the opposite is usually true: the things that do not fit into any contemporary theory are often the downfall of any scientists who discover and expose them to the scientific community. Most often a scientist is only recognised for his achievements after his own death, since in science, established ideas die hard. Charles Darwin noted this when he published 'On The Origin of Species'.'I by no means expect to convince experienced naturalists whose minds are stocked with a multitude of facts all viewed, during a long course of years, from a point of view directly opposite to mine' he stated. For us at Blaze Labs it's more or less the same thing, we do not expect any experienced physicist to push forward our theories into mainstream, but we state the presently known facts, the topics in mainstream science that do not make sense, experimental anomalies, and trust that the clever young students, who are still able to view both sides of the question with impartiality, use this knowledge for the future progress of science. Nothing has changed during the past century, many of the anomalies we mention in our sections are meeting the same reception as with older controversial scientific work. Funds are being wasted in multi-billion dollar non sense hunts to find the 96% missing piece of the universe, searching in vain for a theoretical "dark matter" and the "dark energy" that have been invented to support yet another unfunded contemporary theory. Few are those who consider the present 'laws of physics' to be inaccurate and incomplete, few are those who really know how much Newton was against the idea of innate gravity, few know that Newton did not derive his law of gravity but simply guessed it experimental values, and almost nobody knows that the solutions for many present enigmas in science have been waiting all along, here on our website. Instead, we have been mocked without any consideration that acceptance of our ideas, will not only make our own task easier, but lots of money from public taxes will no longer be wasted in the search of ghosts and most important, science will be able to once again make progress.

In this section, we will investigate some of the 'wrong turns' taken by our teachers, with emphasis to the 'hard particle' paradigm, and solve some of the present paradoxes. The hard particle paradigm alone, which unfortunately has been carried over for many generations is the culprit for many wrong concepts in conventional science, that led to the excessive amount of 'constants', unnecessary statistical models, and 'blind assumptions' together with the acceptance of inevitable paradoxes. Until one grasps the correct concept of what is matter made of, he cannot say that he understands gravity, energy or momentum, since all these things are inter related. Once science accepts the concept introduced in The Particle section, the present day assumptions and unknown constants will be reduced to the properties of space, which are few and simple. Also, science has to be built upon a unified theory with zero paradoxes, since one paradox is enough to show that something basic is very wrong. Here we also go further to investigate very interesting topics as gravity, the so called particle-wave duality, sonoluminescence, platonic solids, nucleus fractal, sacred geometry, and higher dimensional space.

'There must be no barriers for freedom of inquiry. There is no place for dogma in science. The scientist is free, and must be free to ask any question, to doubt any assertion, to seek for any evidence, to correct any errors.'- J. Robert Oppenheimer (1904- 1966)