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Free energy from space, or better, Energy from Free Space

From the previous section, we can conclude that if a method is found to tap this 'free energy' or better 'energy of free space', then we have got a possible solution for the ultimate clean energy source - the vacuum. So, will dissipating this energy also change the universal constants with catastrophic results? The answer is definitely NO, as energy is never dissipated but just converted from one form to another. The easiest way to tap energy out from free space is by a simple resonant circuit tuned to the vacuum oscillations of this energy and matched to its impedance. This frequency can also be worked out as follows:

Free space frequency fo = 1/T = 7.4E42 Hz

our sun Surely this tuned circuit will not consist of a lumped inductor and capacitor as we know them, but the concept should be the same. The tuned circuit could easily be formed out of an atomic structure such as a mass with special characteristics. A perfect example would be radioactive isotopes which are tapping in this energy and convert some of it into lower frequency radiation and heat. The perfect material should be very dense with its structure dimensions as small as possible. This explains why most dense (heavy) metals having atomic numbers over 80, start exhibiting radioactivity. Probably the most efficient vacuum energy resonant cicuit in our solar system is the sun, which is converting much of this energy as gamma radiation. Todays scientists see the sun emitting huge amounts of energy but they do not see the huger amounts entering from all directions at higher frequencies, though some of them are assigning such invisible energy to gravitons. After using up a part to make up the sun's mass, this high frequency energy reflects back at a lower frequency toward the surface, the energy is continuously absorbed and re-emitted at lower and lower frequencies creating the sun's own matter spherical standing wave, so that by the time it reaches the surface, it is primarily low frequency heat and light. The difference between the incoming energy and the resulting heat and light energy, simply equates to the sun's own mass! Again, we notice this concept is clearly present in Smith's translation for figure 5 - '...the Sun, and to borrow its light from Kolob through the medium of Kae-e-vanrash' , which precisely states that the sun borrows its energy from the core of the universe, through the energy medium surrounding Sagittarius A*. Such downshifting of frequency requires a huge mass, and not simply a ball of hydrogen. Studies at the American Astronomical Society's meeting in Washington D.C. have indicated that indeed our Sun has a heavy metal core, read Prof.K.Oliver Manuel on Iron rich Sun. It is highly probable that our naturally occuring free energy converter (the sun) is made up of a highly radioactive, long half life heavy elements, and whose iron seems to be its main stable by-product, which guarantees its long life time. The sun is actually producing energy downconverted from the highest electromagnetic frequency range, we call gravity, and not from hot fusion! One should recall that the common or currently-prevailing scientifically-popular belief that the sun obtains its power from hot fusion is just a theory which at best is only speculative in nature, and no physical evidence shows that this theory merits any more credibility than other theories. The concept presented here and elaborated in my EMRP Gravity theory is a much better theory than the classic one proposing a sun being made up of an inexhaustable hydrogen mass. The fantastic thing about energy of free space, is that anyone can tap a non zero value of power from every point in space! In one of his monologues, Mitar Tarabic, a prophet from Kremna, talked about such free and inexhaustible energy source:

"Instead of mowing and using haystacks, people will dig holes everywhere, and the force will be all around but it will not be able to say: "Come and get me, can't you see I am everywhere." Only after many years will the people remember this force and see that their holes were in vain. The force will be in people themselves, but a lot of time shall pass until they recognize it and start to use it... When that happens, people will be sorry that they did not do it earlier, because it is very simple."

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